Combi-Course – Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone’s course often includes highly androgenic drugs.  This is done to avoid some side effects (such as sluggish erection, decreased libido, and to protect the liver from drug toxicity). 

Like many other AAS, oxandrolone was originally developed for medical purposes. 

It has been used to treat anemia, Turner syndrome, fight HIV infection, strengthen bones, and recover from burns.

It took quite a bit of time, and anavar is firmly rooted in sports pharmacology.  For competitive athletes is a prohibited drug.

These highly androgenic drugs include: Susanon, Testosterone.

Oxandrolone and Susanon

The Oxandrolone + Sustanon 250 muscle mass and strength gain course is more suitable for athletes who are already taking anabolic steroids.

Beginners may also consider it for their first course, but it is recommended to start with easy options, such as the Turinabol solo.

Admission to the proposed course without a PCT is designed for 5 weeks.  Follow-up treatment is not part of the course.  A short course of 5 weeks is safest and often a short period of administration does not result in any side effects. 

In addition, the degradation of one’s own testosterone occurs in a very short time, which allows for a speedy recovery with the help of PCT.

The dosages in the table are suitable for athletes with a weight range of 70 to 100 kg.  If your weight is higher, then in order to get the right result, it is better to take a longer course. 

But if you’re buying this course for the first time, you might want to consider weight classes over 100kg as well.  The rule here is that even the smallest dose works the first time.

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Oxandrolone and Testosterone

After completing the course, the athlete builds muscle mass, the body looks and becomes “drier”. Drying is done easily by a small group of fat and muscle.

Many athletes notice increased strength and endurance. A person recovers faster after exertion and adapts well to training.

Oxandrolone activity in combination with testosterone has a profound effect on the athlete’s muscle growth and relaxation. It can be noted that muscle growth is dry, without fat composition.

An additional benefit to an athlete is increased endurance. One can often train effectively, tolerate a lot of physical activity, which is very possible in the summer.

The course is suitable not only for experienced athletes but also for beginners, as it has no or minimal side effects. Of course, it depends on the well-organized reception.

No jerk effect: The effect of injectable testosterone in combination with oral oxandrolone is gentle and pleasant.